NewLAWu.s. is an innovative, new, national law firm that responds to the needs of the legal industry by providing high quality legal services at very cost-effective rates. By stripping away overhead and high fixed salaries, NewLAWu.s. is able to pair the extensive talents and experience of our professionals with lower fees and creative alternative fee arrangements, while maintaining the highest levels of quality work and professionalism you have come to expect from large law firms. NewLAWu.s. provides unique value propositions for a variety of clients ranging from businesses to corporate legal department to law firms.

Fundamentally, NewLAWu.s. provides businesses, law firms and attorneys with a new choice. Businesses can choose a high-quality, national alternative to much of the work provided by its existing outside counsel. Law firms can choose a high-quality resource for niche and bench strength to profitably meet client needs without ceding control of all or parts of work. Attorneys can choose to practice on terms and conditions and from locations that better fit their lives and priorities.

Why NewLAWu.s.?

  1. Attorneys educated at finest law schools and experienced at finest law firms and legal departments
  2. Efficiently pairs – and prices – experience with complexity of work; pricing falls appropriately as complexity moves from sophisticated towards commodity
  3. Work priced to more closely align with client valuation rather than pre-set hourly rates of attorneys performing the work
  4. Relationship-driven; representation crafted to meet unique client needs, demands and business models
  5. Permits attorneys to maintain exemplary dedication to clients AND family/life priorities
  6. Depth to facilitate teams of attorneys and paralegals for pipelines of work – both long-term and short-term
  7. Geographic scope: Attorneys physically located throughout the U.S. (and in some foreign countries)
  8. Breadth of practice area expertise: We work in those areas in which our attorneys have a demonstrated experience and success
  9. Serves as very cost-effective supplement to existing outside counsel relationships and bench strength not otherwise available within the firms
  10. Provides quality, national platform for attorneys leaving or seeking to leave large law firms or legal departments and those seeking to re-launch careers suspended for personal priorities
  11. Network of seasoned attorneys upon whose talents and geographic location we can draw to supplement those offered by Members and Affiliates of the firm