It’s really quite simple…we listen. Fundamentally, we formed NewLAWu.s. to address the following messages from current and prospective clients:

“Be cheaper. Overall, your legal services are too expensive.”

Traditionally, law firm fees are premised upon providing work at the sophisticated end of the complexity spectrum when, in fact, most of the work on any matter falls away down the complexity scale towards commodity. Law firm economics make it difficult for law firms to align its pricing to client valuations along that complexity scale.

The NewLAWu.s. economic model was created to more closely align client value with fees yet provide the same quality level of representation up and down the complexity scale. The results are fees that are significantly less, sometimes as much as 60% less than law firms offering comparable talent.

“Check your ego at the door. Most of your firm’s work is a commodity to us. We’re happy to pay for your advice and counsel, but we are not happy to pay you to perform work or draft documents that someone less seasoned could. While the less seasoned folks are billing at lower rates, those rates are not nearly low enough.”

We recognize that not all legal work – especially that residing further down the complexity scale towards commodity – can bear the typical costs required to produce it at the highest levels. We also recognize that it is virtually impossible for any well-trained, experienced attorney to sacrifice its understanding of quality – and the time it takes to create that quality – regardless of whether his or her client shares the same understanding or appreciation.

NewLAWu.s. has created a law firm that permits its attorneys to maintain their dedication to quality but at the same time significantly reduce the costs and fees associated with providing it. This permits us to more closely align costs with client perceptions of value for the particular work at hand.

“Oh, but don’t skimp on the quality. We expect – no, demand – that our work be of the highest quality.

NewLAWu.s. comprises great attorneys who have been educated and trained to provide the highest quality work. Our model permits – and demands – adherence to this standard of quality and does so through an economic model that fosters and encourages that quality.

We hear you loud and clear and we promise to keep listening. Continuing to build solid lasting relationships with our clients and partners is of utmost importance to the NewLAWu.s. team.

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