Changing the Law Firm Model.

A note from our Founder:

The genesis of NewLAWu.s. was a desire to provide high quality legal advice, counsel and work for fees that are substantially less than those offered by traditional law firms. I tried but wasn’t able to figure out how to do this within traditional law firm structures because, candidly, the entrenched model of these structures presented too many economic and cultural impediments.

Hence, a new structure was required. The principal challenge in creating this new structure wasn’t figuring out ways to provide cheaper legal services. The challenge was figuring out how to provide the highest quality legal services on marked improved economics.

Meeting this challenge then rested upon finding a reservoir of great attorneys who didn’t fit – or didn’t want to fit – into the traditional law firm or legal department boxes and upon creating a model that would attract and then retain the best and the brightest of these attorneys. I confess that I faced this challenge with a bias born of 30 years with large law firms, namely that the great attorneys were predominantly in the large law firms (or smaller spin-offs) or legal departments and, therefore, not likely available in quantities necessary to build a truly broad-based national law firm. It is difficult to overstate how misguided that bias proved to be.

To attract and retain these great attorneys– and do so through a model that greatly reduced client fees – we built the firm on a model that permits these attorneys to work from a position that support their life balance and from locations not possible in traditional practice settings and, at the same time, strips away overhead and fixed salaries that underpin a very large part of a traditional law firm’s fee structure.

Not only does this structure permit us to meet our founding purpose – namely, high quality work for substantially less cost – but it also accelerates our evolution into an exceptional national – and to some extent international – law firm that provides businesses, law firms and attorneys with a viable alternative to traditional opportunities.

NewLAWu.s. will not threaten the existence of current law firm client relationships. In fact, properly understood and applied, NewLAWu.s. can be a positive supplement to existing law firm – client relationships. NewLAWu.s. is simply another option – a high quality cost-effective option.

I am excited to be a part of NewLAWu.s. and can’t wait to travel its growth path in the coming years. Pairing client choice and satisfaction with attorney choice and career satisfaction should provide a solid base upon which we can continue to build.

I welcome your thoughts and comments. Please do not hesitate to email or call me with them. Thanks for your interest in NewLAWu.s.


Scott Henderson, Founder

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Scott Henderson, Founder

Scott Henderson, Founder