Giving Back.

Giving back is a core firm value. We believe that each of us has an important story, a passion and a place where life and law coexist to shape who we are and to impact the time we have. We care about how that shapes each partner in the firm and through that we are committed to dedicate no less than 2% of our stabilized revenues each year to community and charitable causes across the nation that are supported by our attorneys. While these financial contributions pale in comparison to the value of the 1,000’s of hours our attorneys dedicate annually to charitable causes, we are, nonetheless, hopeful that these contributions will supplement those efforts and foster the firm’s core value of giving back to the communities in which we live.

Reflecting that a law firm is a composite of its attorneys, our giving reflects causes and organizations important to them and, in some cases, their personal lives. As but one example, our Founder, Scott Henderson, has dedicated thousands of hours to The Thunderbirds through which over $100 million has been donated to local charities over the years. Additionally, on a very personal level, Scott battled alcoholism and dealt first-hand with the effects of that battle upon his professional and personal lives. Hence, not surprisingly, Scott remains dedicated to organizations and efforts aimed at alcohol and substance abuse and we intend to supplement that dedication as we may.

As we grow we will support many such stories where life and law show up and we have the opportunity to give back.

Our Charities