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2016 Report on the State of the Legal Market

The “2016 Report on the State of the Legal Market” Read More

Perspective: Unlocking the Value of a Different Approach to Legal Technology

NewLAWu.s. CTO Brian Jeffries shares his thoughts on technology design for the legal market. How much value is uncovered when you fully engage technology in this field? Read More

Corporate Counsel Spending More In-house

Association of General Counsel reports members are doubling their in-house staff to accommodate the legal work they no longer send to outside legal firms. Read More

Clients Rank Every Law Firm Brand: Who’s Up, Down, and Best

While change comes painfully slow for the traditional law firm, those who focus on the client are rewarded. Welcome to the world of Client is King! Read More

The Bull Market in High-end Work Makes Hourly Rates Defy Gravity

Clients are willing to pay top dollar for high value services and value-add relationships from their legal advisors. How do you stack-up in delivering value to your clients? Read More

Clio Helps Lawyers Build a Better Practice

Alternative legal models provide a balance to work and life. Check out how these models may align with your needs and those of your clients. NewLAWu.s. successfully blends the best of a traditional law firm to meet the flexibility attorneys need and the fee models clients value. Read More

Why So Many Young Lawyers Dislike Their Jobs

NewLAWu.s. attorneys find a “Law Firm Haven” from the oldlaw grind.  We build our practices on value for both client and attorneys. Attorneys, both young and seasoned, are calling for a newlaw alternative. Read More

The Firm of the Future is the Firm of Now

Matthew Burgess outlines how newlaw firms are remaking the future of law… but the future is NOW. Read More

Why the Law Firm Business Model Is All Wrong

Lexicata outlines how an attorneys finite time is “expanded” when technology based on work flow is deployed…and client value is delivered. Read More

10 Critical Components that Support Success for Relaunching Attorneys

Re-launchers list of To Do’s to get ready for a restart of their legal career. Read More