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How a Law Firm Becomes a Software Company

Contrary to popular belief, lawyers are not tech averse. They just want tech that hones, not hinders their work. Read More

Remaking the Law Firm, “Whose Managing BigLaw Alternative Staffing?”

Widespread use of alternative staffing is finding its place in BigLaw. Read more to see how everyone benefits. Read More

Responding to Hyper Competitive Legal Market 2015 and Beyond

Discover the martketplace trends and strategies of today's profitable law firms. Read More

Interview discussing the delivery of legal services in today’s world and the benefits of working with a next generation firm

Has the traditional legal business stayed stale too long to compete in today's world of constant innovation? Read More

Jeffrey Carr of FMC Technologies, On the Path Forward for Legal Services

Read more about BigLaw, NewLaw, Enlightened Law, and Next Law to discover why the industry now tilts on its axis. Read More

Law firms that change will survive and thrive; those that don’t are going to get left behind

When Ed Newberry oversaw the merger for Squire Patton Boggs nearly three years ago, practical and philosophical change was his modus operandi. See how he made it work. Read More

“New Law,” a term coined to describe the business models that are strategically positioning themselves, hoping to disrupt the legal services industry

The father of NewLaw, George Beaton, gives an in depth analysis on why NewLaw is more than the latest industry buzzword. It is a dynastic marker for how legal professionals work in the business of law. Read More

The Endangered Partner

Jordan Furlong warns the days of the law partner are soon over. Mr. Furlong asks, "What is the value proposition of a partner to a law firm and to the lawyers who become partners?" Is the power of the partner enough? Read More

Disruption, eruption and interruption: 3 competing theories to describe the current change in law

Paul Lippe says we can lend the current seismic shift in the legal marketplace to the three ruptures named in his piece. Find out why a change of people, process, and technology turned the practice of law on its ear. Read More

Remaking the Law Firm, Why and How

Dr. George Beaton and Dr. Imme Kascher offer in their book, Remaking Law Firms: Why and How, a comprehensive review of the current and future legal landscape and how law firms can maximize value. Will a new focus on digitization, commoditized services, client services, among others, be the blueprint for remaking the law firm? Read [...]