Balancing Your Life and Your Practice.

Until now, attorneys have few alternatives to practicing in a traditional firm: Either go in-house or go solo.

That’s changed. Dramatically.

NewLAWu.s. makes practicing law not only lucrative, but rewarding.  We not only offer you better income opportunities but provide a genuine work/life integration model that helps you develop a lifestyle – not just a career.

We don’t have a “compensation committee” chaining you to your desk, we offer you a law firm free of quotas and minimum billings. Our model provides higher income and multiple ways to earn so you can manage your time and effort to balance between your career and family. No longer are you forced to make unreasonable personal sacrifices to advance professionally.

Your life and your career are in your hands.

As your lifestyle shifts with time, you are firmly in your control of your practice and your career:

  • You decide your workload.
  • You decide when and from where you want to work because the firm is open 24×7.
  • You control how much money you will earn each year. To learn more, please visit our compensation page.
  • You can assume a leadership role in the firm or just do great client work.
  • You determine when to take an afternoon off to watch your child play soccer.
  • You decide if an aging parent needs you more today than we do.
  • You decide when you will retire.  You will receive a trailing fee based on client billings for three years after you retire.

Our business model is based on the premise that if you balance your professional and personal life on your terms not only will you be more productive, but you will deliver greater value to your clients and to the firm. It’s a win-win-win: For you, your clients and the firm.

Read more about how we also offer genuine equality – a major issue few law firms are confronting – and the opportunity to move into a leadership role quickly as well as recognizing that, sometimes, life just happens.

If you want to blend your career and personal life while delivering enhanced value to your clients, we should talk.

Call Donna Kent, our Chief Operating Officer, at 480.586.5211 or send her an e-mail.