Business Development Builds Your Practice. Our Marketing Gets You There.

All attorneys – solo practitioners, small groups and global firms – know that consistent business development is crucial to building and maintaining a successful practice.

And savvy lawyers understand that an integrated, strategic marketing program makes their business development efforts easier. It pays off in more work from current clients as well as files from new clients.

Our marketing plan helps open the door to business development. You don’t have to worry about all of the key pieces of building awareness because we do the work for you:

  • Creating brand awareness for you and the firm.
  • Building and maintaining a dynamic website.
  • Writing, editing and sharing your blog posts.
  • Building a social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Maintaining a client services function on your behalf.
  • Producing webinars, supporting conferences and events where you can participate.

Our marketing plan is designed and managed by some of the top professionals in the business. They have won national and international awards for the effectiveness of the projects they designed, implemented and managed on your behalf and for the firm as an institution.

As important, you will have a personalized marketing plan that compliments your practice, your ecosystem and the messages that will drive relevance to your audience.

Read more about how we are creating a unique client services approach and a genuine business development model for our attorneys as well as a dynamic social media strategy. We do the spade work for you so you can focus on delivering real client value.

If our approach to marketing and business development makes sense to you, keep reading. Then call Donna Kent, our Chief Operating Officer, at 480.586.5211 or send her an e-mail.

Donna will explain why we are in the forefront of helping its attorneys and law professionals use solid, tested marketing to create real business development opportunities.