Making You More Productive, Efficient And Effective – Without The Techno-Nonsense.

No one disputes that technology can improve productivity, or that clients are demanding their attorneys work more efficiently. Even the ABA is hinting that lawyers need to employ more technology in their practice if they want to remain admitted.

The problem is that legal technology can be difficult to use, taking time to learn and apply in your practice. It requires you to know how different software works, and then move awkwardly from one application to another while forcing you to be tech proficient – a long way from practicing law. Unfortunately, to get the most out of law tech, you must be the integrator of numerous applications.

“Sometimes a critical system reaches the point where is just can’t handle its workload. This usually happens when the workload outgrows what the system was originally designed for, and after trying a few incremental fixes, the system creaks, shudders, and then fails.” ~ Dan Currell  & Aaron Kotok, Corporate Council, “Is the Legal Operating Model About to Crash?”

It’s like sitting in the middle of a large, circular desk constantly swivelling from one task to the next.

That’s why we created Practice In A Box™.

It lets you use technology to drive client value without having to deal with any techno-nonsense. In fact, our platform means you don’t even have to like technology to improve your productivity. Best of all, it does this invisibly, seamlessly and effortlessly.

And greater productivity translates into more time for practicing and potentially greater earnings for you along with better outcomes for your client.

Think of Practice In A Box™ as your dashboard tying together all of the often-unrelated pieces of technology so crucial to a successful practice. Besides streaming operational tasks together for efficient practice management, Practice in A Box™ supports you with all of this at your fingertips:

Practice In A Box™ means you don’t have to know how each piece works, or log in and out of various applications to go from one task to another, or spend days learning how to use it. In fact, a brief orientation is all it takes for you to integrate the productivity improvements into your practice.

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