For attorneys who love delivering client value, here’s why NewLAWu.s. makes sense:

The business of law is being reinvented around you, your colleagues, competitors, and entire firms. It’s happening even as you read this page.

Clients are demanding a new approach, a new direction and a new dynamic in their relationship with the law firms and attorneys they use. Most firms just do not want to deal with what is at the core of the client’s needs…real and systemic change.

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Frankly, not many attorneys – or even firms – have the know-how or resources to make the changes and adopt the innovation needed to meet rapidly shifting client expectations.

Yet repeatedly clients tell independent researchers they expect you to reinvent your practice, your firm and the business of law.

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Clearly, transitioning an industry is hard work, and while this is not why you went to law school and started practicing, it is your obligation to support the needs of the client and stay relevant.

The big change is our job, however, and since the old model will no longer scale, NewLAWu.s. has created a “platform” that will. One that provides a response to client needs and to the attorneys who must provide more than billable units and a scaleable business.

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That’s why we give you a law firm model that allows you to focus on meeting your client needs. Because if you have to reinvent your practice, you won’t have time to practice.

All you need to bring is your talent, your client base, and the openness and a willing desire to challenge the status quo. If you “get it” and are willing to “do it,” then we “have it” for you.

 A New Choice.

Life shows up. Priorities shift and sometimes change dramatically. Balancing a career with life and its shifting/changing priorities is never easy, especially within the legal industry where the demands are high and the pressures are strong. Too often your life and career are mutually exclusive, rather than compatible, pathways.

NewLAWu.s. presents a new choice to pursue a path that permits attorneys to maintain a dedication to their careers but do so on terms and from locations that facilitate the life that has shown up and to more properly deal with the priorities that have shifted and changed.

For an indepth look at difference between BigLaw and NewLaw, read “BigLaw and NewLaw: two business models in the legal industry” from Global Legal Challenges.

This new choice is not just an added benefit or sidelight of NewLAWu.s. – it is its foundation. NewLAWu.s. was founded on the principle that great attorneys could be assembled from across the country to do great work if their law firm provided them with a vehicle to simultaneously be great attorneys and live life as they wish or as it has been presented to them.