By stripping away overhead and high fixed salaries, NewLAWu.s. is able to cost-effectively pair the extensive talents and experience of our professionals with lower fees and creative alternative-fee arrangements. Our economic model permits and even encourages creative billing arrangements such as fixed fees, blended rates and per-item pricing. Better yet, because we are free of overhead and fixed salaries carried by regular law firms, we can staff matters with appropriately qualified attorneys; we have no incentives to push work to the lowest levels of experience.

Bottom line: We save you money without sacrificing quality. NewLAWu.s. is a traditional law firm in that we provide legal services from attorneys hailing from the best law schools and with outstanding and seasoned careers. Our innovative business model allows us to strip away traditional costs associated with BigLaw, affording us the ability to provide fee rates that are lower and more flexible to meet clients needs. Because we are able to deliver fees structures which our clients value, our attorneys focus their time on building relationships to solve business issues without impediment.

NewLAWu.s. delivers high-value relationships which encourage each attorney to know their client’s business and become a valued business partner to meet their unique business goals. Our broad based expertise and specialization combine to deliver valuable services throughout the US. NewLAWu.s. can handle discreet tasks and large projects as well as lines of business. Our practice teams confer and assemble to handle large scale matters efficiently and with seasoned experts at the lead. NewLAWu.s. provides the choice to have your legal services provided by talented attorneys on reduced fees and with a fee structure that suit your business needs.
Here’s what we provide you:

  • Great Attorneys
  • Choice
  • Flexible, Lower-Cost Alternatives
And each client will have access to:
  • An incredible network of attorneys across the country
  • “Your NewLAWu.s.” to obtain billing information, contracts, documents, checklists and many more great resources