Businesses; Corporate Legal Departments

NewLAWu.s. provides business with a high-quality, high-value outside counsel alternative. NewLAWu.s. need not supplant a business’ existing outside counsel relationships but, rather, can serve to supplement them, work with them or handle those projects not dependent upon historical relationships. The 40% – 60% savings possible through NewLAWu.s. can be used to meet budgetary challenges imposed upon legal departments and to offset budget busts on unexpected litigation or regulatory expenditures.

Through our economic model, NewLAWu.s. has the tools to provide budgeting control and certainty through fixed fees, blended rates and segmented budgets. And because our lawyers are well-versed in representing businesses through high level law firms and legal departments, transitioning work to NewLAWu.s. should be relatively seamless and familiar.

Additionally, we are constructing a technology platform that will make dealing with NewLAWu.s. even easier than ever. This platform will provide clients with direct on-line access to their documents, status reports/checklist on their matters, current information on billing and retainer balances and articles of interest and import.

We are finding that NewLAWu.s. is also uniquely positioned to complete projects retained by corporate legal departments because of outside counsel cost but remaining incomplete because, although important, there isn’t the time or manpower in-house to complete them at this time.