Law Firms

NewLAWu.s provides law firms with the expertise and bench strength they need to meet client objectives but lack in-house. This expertise may be in niche areas of the law or within practices that are not adequately or completely represented by the law firm’s current staffing. This expertise may be used to meet needs for short-term surges of talent and/or to meet time-sensitive or document-sensitive aspects of a client’s matter.

We can work directly for and with a law firm’s attorneys and provide our work product to them for the firm’s use. Law Firms can pass along the differential between our rates and theirs to integrate our fees into theirs and bill their clients accordingly or implement some combination of the two. In most cases, law firms will find using NewLAWu.s. to be more profitable than using its own attorneys should they opt to integrate our work into theirs and bill their clients accordingly.

NewLAWu.s. attorneys bring experience, work-ethic and a dedication to timely delivered, high-quality work that top-flight law firms require of their own attorneys.

We are also finding that NewLAWu.s. can play a very positive role in transitioning partners, of-counsel and senior associates out from the firm when that transition is attributable to increased firm scrutiny of productivity and client orignation. Our involvement fosters a mutually-beneficial exit strategy that provides the attorneys with a positive relocation narrative that doesn’t threaten the law firm and a platform for continued work sharing that benefits the firm, the attorneys and their clients. Importantly, this exit strategy helps mitigate against the degradation of morale among the firm’s remaining attorneys who have personal production concerns themselves.