We realize that life and law are not mutually exclusive. Thus, NewLAWu.s. creates a high-quality professional environment that attracts great attorneys who, for various reasons, have opted to step out from their large law firms and corporate legal departments, but wish to stay meaningfully engaged in the practice at high levels. Our model allows us to integrate the talent and experience of the nation’s finest part-time and full-time attorneys who hail from among the finest law schools in the country and boast experience garnered with some of the nation’s top law firms.

NewLAWu.s. is dedicated to developing and maintaining a distinctive culture and approach to the practice of law. How we work sets us apart. While our clients value our dedication to exceptionalism, hard work and innovation, they also value the collaborative, collegial culture we’ve fostered to better serve their interests. This culture is more than a corporate credence – it is the way we conduct business, day in and day out.

At NewLAWu.s., we believe in building relationships that lead to success for everyone. Creating a foundation of comradery in the workplace via our firm’s intranet which connects each Member and Affiliate enables attorneys and team to get to know one another across geographical boundaries. It allows us to genuinely appreciate the varied personalities, perspectives, interests and talents that comprise our community of professionals. We are able to maximize the scope and quality of the service we deliver to our clients because our attorneys have a willingness to share knowledge, best practices and lessons learned with one another. NewLAWu.s.’ unique culture and approach to the practice of law is a competitive advantage and a foundation for sustained success.

A great bit of insight that influences the NewLAWu.s. team on creating a culture that fosters collaboration and relationships:

“The biggest factor in successful collaboration is relationship. Relationship is the foundation of accomplishment. Most of the time, failure to achieve can be traced back to a failure to collaborate, and ultimately, to a relationship failure. This article explores how to strengthen relationship skills among Members of your firm, and how to set up a collaborative environment that produces high-performance results while creating a workplace that all firm Members appreciate and enjoy.”
– Excerpt from Law Practice TODAY, ABA article by Rich Goldstein and Ron Bynum